About Us

The story of Pehr 

As they say, “every cloud has a silver lining”. The Covid-19 pandemic sailed by, as Pehr brought lustre into our lives! Established in April 2021, Pehr is a homegrown label, creating handcrafted jewellery. The founders of Pehr are deeply inspired by the family tradition of philanthropy - a legacy that binds generations in the family.

Pehr’s founder, Mrs. Shrutika Jatia, started this initiative to support local artisans, and to ensure that some timeless crafting techniques remain relevant. In the words of Mrs. Shrutika Jatia, “Every Pehr piece, however progressive from the outside, has an age-old crafting technique behind it. By gracing our jewellery, you are actually encouraging a legacy of craft.”

Co-founder Mrs. Ashna Jatia, aims to create designs that become an inherent part of the wearer’s narrative. These timeless designs, can be thought of as modern-day heirlooms. “I like to think of our designs as free-spirited pieces”, she says, “Whether it is for gifting, or a gala or for no apparent reason, the brand’s aesthetic is a breath of fresh air. It can be worn by anybody, and still make them feel like themselves.”

Our creative head, Ms. Siddhika Jatia, wanted to channel her intuitive instincts into creating something that not only has visual appeal, but also has a voice. In Siddhika’s words, “I like to listen to the voices in the wind, grass, and sea, and to feel when the piece of jewellery is alive.” Let us also zoom into the lens of Studio Destello to be exposed to their magic- how they have captured the fleeting energy of the butterfly’s flight so that it can stay with us forever.

With the perfect amalgamation of compassion, aesthetics, and creativity, the Pehr collection is definitely something that every woman should own.