Be your own Valentine

Be your own Valentine

She’s been there to wipe your tears when you were having a bad day. She’s been there to give you a pep talk when you thought you didn’t have it in you to crack that exam, or the job that you really wanted. She’s been there smiling the hardest every time you achieved your goals. She’s your reflection, she’s your shadow, she’s that voice in your head, your secret keeper - YOU. 

Yes, you. We, as humans, tend to get so confused and blur the lines between prioritising ourselves and being selfish. We feel guilty for investing in ourselves, or doing something that makes us happy. Why do we forget that from our first to our last breath, it is only us that has been with ourselves through thick and thin. Why is it that when we talk about Valentine’s Day, self-love suddenly becomes a cheer-up mantra for the single soul? 

Ditch the cliched expectations this February and shower the self love upon yourself that you deserve. Buy yourself a scintillating piece of silver jewellery online to promise yourself that no matter what, you’re going to take out more time for yourself, and not feel guilty for putting yourself first. 

At Pehr, we’ve got some gorgeous pure silver jewellery that truly bring out your individuality and celebrate you for being just the way you are. We’ve enlisted some of our favourites down here - 


Aqua Pendant

Are you the life of every party? Have you been told that everything is just brighter with you around? Does your sense of humour crack people up, and your easy-going attitude of not fretting over things inspire the ones around you to let go a little, and just enjoy the simple moments of life? We think you’ll love our silver jewellery, such as our Pehr Aqua Pendant. The eclectic glow of the various shades of blue, along with a deep red hue, makes a gorgeous statement, and adds colour to any solid basic outfit.

We’ve got matching earrings with the necklace too, so if you’re looking for a set, this one just might be it. 

Aurora Ring

Has it ever happened to you that you have shown up for a party in what you think is the most basic look that you’ve thrown together, and yet, people have gone gaga over your sense of style? Does putting together a fashionable ensemble come naturally to you? If you’re someone who has an eye for aesthetic, and manages to do things in a great off-beat manner, just like us, you might just swear your love to our gorgeous Aurora Ring this Valentine’s Day and buy this modern silver ring for women.  It’s jaw-dropping intricate and makes a fine statement balancing experimental with allure. What’s more, it’s completely adjustable, so worry not about finding the perfect size. 

Honeycomb Hasli

Does the idea of antique attract you? Do you find age-old styles and ideas, infused a touch of contemporary - the best ones? Do you find yourself flipping through the bygones area, and feeling nostalgic about their sense of fashion and lifestyle? We think our Honeycomb hasli will take you on a much-awaited trip in the time machine, while looking sharp and modern. For someone who’s sweeter than honey, this piece attracts attention while staying super light to wear.

Star Gold Hoops

Are you shy? Is minimalism your mantra? Do you find comfort in being the brains behind an idea, rather than the face of it? If subtly is your middle name, we’ve found a radiant piece of jewellery for you - something that sparkles and looks dainty, without attracting too much of the limelight. Our Pehr Star Gold Hoops will make a gorgeous addition to your treasure trove of jewellery staples, that will blend perfectly with just about anything you wear.

Yes, we’ve all had bad days when we’ve been unkind to ourselves, but, don’t we always make up within? Don’t we always find a way to pull ourselves together and channel our inner goddess to rise and shine? This Valentine’s Day, take a moment to look into the mirror, and say ‘thank you. Take a moment to just stop, and smile at yourself for having come this far. Take a moment to remind yourself that no matter what, you’ll always love you. 

These words flow so naturally when we’re talking to someone else, right? Why not, this February, focus it towards your best friend, your guardian angel - YOU?

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