A Piece of Pehr for Every Pehr

A Piece of Pehr for Every Pehr

Investing in a piece of silver jewellery, can mean a lot of things. It can be purchased as a symbol of love, or as a beautiful token of appreciation. It can be an inherited piece, bearing meaning and memories. It can also be something that was chosen because it fits perfectly into your capsule wardrobe, or matches with a certain scarf, top or dress. It can also simply be that the piece of jewellery caught your eye because it looked like something that would add personality to your ensemble.

At Pehr, we understand all of these sentiments. We respect that, and craft our pieces keeping that in mind. But, there’s more. We believe that the sheen of our silver jewellery shouldn’t just bring out the colour of what you’re wearing, it should sparkle with the hues of you. Our timeless pieces are designed to celebrate the different versions, different moods, the different avatars of you - they match you - and so, each piece can take you from day to night, while looking just as resplendent and complete in your ensemble. 

Don’t believe us? We’ll take you through our best sellers to give you a glimpse into the transience of Pehr.

Zeus Bracelet - Pehr


They might look dainty, but our pure silver bracelet is a gorgeous planetary themed cuff that can look equally good as a power dressing accessory. Make your way to work in a crisp white shirt, folded to reach about 3/4th of the way, and paired with bucket bag trousers in khaki, black, beige or blue. A top handle black bag, matching mules, and our Zeus Bracelet, of course. Cut to evening - and you have the same bracelet on. You’re seated in your favourite restaurant in a pink or yellow A line solid dress, with heels that have floral print ties at the ankle. Your sling is in a rendition that matches the flowers on the tie.

Every time you smile ear to ear, the celestial carvings on your bracelet glow.

Etched Earrings - Pehr


If you’ve got a busy weekend ahead, look no further, because our Pehr Etched Earrings can sail you through any commitment or plan. Are you meeting your girls at your usual coffee and chill spot? A ribbed strapless crop top, boyfriend jeans, a neon sling bag, sneakers and these earrings make an effortlessly easy, yet stylish look. Later that evening, you can head to a cocktail party as planned, wearing a silk evening gown, neutral stilettos, the same earrings (of course), and an embellished evening clutch. 

Each etching on the earring narrates a different scenario that the wearer experienced while donning this piece, so if you’re looking to buy silver earrings online, this might be it. 

Quattro Necklace - Pehr


Inherently versatile in the way it has been designed, our Quattro necklace also alternates as a wrap bracelet, and so can sail you through pretty much every scenario just buy it’s structural versatility. What’s more, if you’ve just having a busy day running errands, your most comfortable T shirt dress, a tote bag, a pair of slip one and this necklace is all you pretty much need to look really good while flying through your to-do list. That evening, if you have a movie night planned, get into your flared shorts, throw on a dainty top, and wrap the necklace around your arms. Wedge heeled sandals and a hobo bag later, you’re all set to look like cinema.

Each square in our Quattro speaks volumes of the symmetry this gorgeous piece brings to elevate your looks.

Jewellery is something that’s personal, something that showcases your sense of style, what your priorities are. Usually, a majority of your jewellery purchases will have a story behind it, or a memory attached to it. Thus, it makes sense to invest in pieces that are eternal, something that you’ll always treasure, and yet they’ll stay functional and bring you joy every time you wear them. Pehr pieces are crafted to balance functionality with finery, all while staying timeless and true to you. The beauty of Pehr lies in the way these designs blend into your wardrobe and elevate your outfits, tying them together with the final touch. Do you want to explore more of our designs? See them here!

Published by Pehr - Adorning Time. Stay tuned for more of our pieces, and if you too can't wait to see what else we have in store or want to just say a hello, reach out to us on hello@pehrsilver.com.
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