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A Millennial’s Guide to Purchasing Jewellery


Gone are the days when a woman’s silver jewellery was primarily made up of hand-me-downs from her ancestors. Don’t get us wrong, owning a rare piece, brilliant with old-world charm,  from our mother or grandmother’s treasure chest will fill our hearts with enormous joy and warmth - but, if we were to look at facts, more than half of today’s millennial women purchase their own jewellery. 

And for good reason too… Just like your outfits should reflect your personal sense of style, the same concept should translate into jewellery too. This ideology is slowly taking over the minds of millenials, who want to own something fine that suits their palate - but it doesn’t just end at that. So, what is it that they’re looking for? Here’s what we think.


Effortless, functional pieces that can be worn to work

Pehr Honeycomb Earrings

Millenial women aren’t just focused towards purchasing heavy jewellery to complement their ethnic wear outfits, they want to integrate jewellery into their lifestyle by investing in easy pieces that elevates their afternoon aesthetic and takes them through a starry evening of merriment alike. Hence, they will find great use in pieces like our Pehr Honeycomb earrings, which are essentially simple studs that have been designed to inspire conversation and spark interest. Our Pehr Cross and Noughts Ring too, is a popular pick for work wear, since its statement design doubles as a power dressing accessory. What’s more, millennials love versatility. They are attracted to new concepts and ideas - something that carries a story, something that they can talk about. Hence, our Quattro necklace also deserves a mention as a popular office accessory, since it alternates as a wrap pure silver bracelet. Its structured design can easily be integrated into a majority of one’s office outfits, and it becomes a great conversation-starter who sees the wearer style it in two ways.


Synced to the intimate wedding trend

Pehr Mesh Cuff

Trousseau in 2022 no longer means heavy sets of jewellery that will accessorise your bank locker. It means practical investments, such as modern silver jewellery that will find use and meaning everyday. So many newly married couples head back to a different city away from their families so they do not require lavish diamond-clad sets for societal commitments. The pandemic has taught us to not take things for granted, and more often than not, we find ourselves enjoying the company of near and dear ones in the comfort of our homes, or invited to a wedding of less than a hundred people. Hence, millennials have begun to see jewellery in a different light. While thirty years ago, silver jewellery may have meant an intricate piece of temple-style jewellery, but a millennial would rather wear something like the Pehr Mesh Cuff or our Aurora Choker or the Pehr Chain Necklace to a party. 


A splash of colour

Another by-product of the pandemic was that millennials developed an affinity for colour when they were shopping. Times were hard, and being confined to one’s home and away from friends and family created a void. Millennials started craving brightness, they missed being outdoors and experiencing everyday in multi-colour. It is well documented that colours can have a profound effect on human emotion, using it to elevate, stimulate and inspire through unusual combinations. So, designers infused this idea into their collections, and started making vibrant clothes and colourful jewellery. Navratan stones and meenakari work found its way back into fashion magazines, and pieces like our Pehr Butterfly Earrings or the Pehr Aqua Ring began flying off our racks. With lesser people watching, women felt more comfortable to experiment with their jewellery instead of sticking to the basics, which further fuelled this emerging trend.


Essentials for their capsule wardrobe

Pehr Quattro Collection

While the 1990s and early 2000s was accentuated by the idea of matching-matching in everything, our millennials are all about choosing a few pieces of jewellery that they can swear by, and styling them in different ways with a majority of their looks. So, they find it incredibly useful investing in our Pehr Maya earrings, or the Pehr Mandala hoops for everyday wear, while our Kama Drop earrings are a popular favourite for events and the like. The Pehr Olympic Choker is an evergreen rage, because it looks great when worn with a turtleneck sweater too. The Pehr Quattro Ring makes a powerful accessory for work and leisure looks, and we’ve received so many rave reviews about it from our clients, who got compliments from their friends.

Which millennial trend are you attracted to? At Pehr, we’ve got styles that vibe with the millennial as well as the old-age soul. Explore our designs on our website and pick something for yourself that is a reflection of you.


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